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      Rachel Keene

Rachel is one of Yu Lee's college friends and co-maid of honor. She is currently an attorney and resides in Philadephia. Rachel has the heart the size of Texas and has the incredible ability to make anyone and everyone feel so special. She is very involved in her community in Philadelphia. She is always the life of the party and is the world traveler!

       Yu Na Lee

Yu Na is Yu Lee's sister and co-maid of honor. She currently works  in the fashion industry in Los Angeles. Yu Na is Yu Lee's confidant and best friend. Yu Na loves being creative and sporadic. She is one of Yu Lee's traveling buddies; most recently to Paris and Amsterdam!

Suni Vemula-Kaiser

Suni is one of Yu Lee's college friends. She is currently a pediatrician and lives in Canada(temporarily). She is the most kindest and genuine person in the world. She loves to cook, host the best dinner parties and most importantly, spend time with her handsome son Varun!  P.S. her husband and in-laws are pretty amazing too

Laura Alexander

Laura is one of Yu Lee's oldest friends. She is currently an anesthesia resident at Yale University. Laura is one of the most thoughtful and honest friend. She has the most incredible fashion sense and knows how to outdance anyone at a party (she was a dance major in college :)!) 

June Hotchkiss-Pinheiro

June is Yu Lee's soon to be SISTER IN LAW! She will soon also inherit two other sisters! June currently works as a teacher and resides in Los Angeles area. June loves spending time with her newly wed husband Daniel (who is pretty awesome) and beating everyone at Bananagrams!

Andrea Bernhard

Andrea is one of Yu Lee's medical school friends. She is currently a family practice resident in Hawaii. Andrea is the most loveable and just all around wonderful person! She has endured not only national disastors   (Hurricane Ike) but lo and behold medical school exams with Yu Lee (and survived both!!). She loves to surf and live life to the fullest.


Sam Hotchkiss

Best Man

Sam is Will's brother and best man. He resides in Kansas City, MO and is an attorney for H&R Block.  His diet consists of a steady dose of Kansas City Barbeque and he appreciates good coffee.

Robert Russell

Rob is one of Will's co-residents in Dallas in Orthopaedic Surgery.  He grew up in Plano, TX and went to 4 years of college at Cornell.  Rob is married to Dr. Abby Kissel and is an average golfer.

Jared Halpin

Jared is one of Will's fraternity brothers and medical school classmates.  He is currently a Radiology resident in Kansas City.  Jared always beat Will by at least 1% on every test in medical school. 

Tien Nguyen

Tien is one of Will's fraternity brothers and medical school classmates.  He is currently a Family Medicine resident in Chicago.  Tien likes to spend the majority of his free time singing and dancing in front of the mirror.  Tien is retired from recreational sports after a string of stunning victories.

Barrett Boody

Barrett is Will's oldest friend, befriending each other when, as toddlers, they beat up other children together in the church nursery.  He is currently an Orthopaedic resident in Chicago.  He is married to Rebecca Boody.  

Ronnie Chanvitayapongs

Ronnie is one of Will's friends from Kansas City.  He is currently a Pharmacist in Kansas City.  Ronnie and Will traveled to the Master's golf tournament together in 2011.  Ronnie is married to Dr. Ashley Kimmel and is an above average golfer who always beats us all.


Brandon Rabeler

Brandon is one of Will's roommates.  He is currently a Trauma Surgeon at Baylor in Dallas.  He is known by many members of the Dallas community as the "Cat-Whisperer" for his ability in communicating with felines. Brandon is one of the original members of the SDH.

Ryan Mauck

Ryan was one of Will's roommates and also was instrumental in getting will to move to Dallas.  He is currently one of the Urology attendings at UT-Southwestern.  He is married to Laura Mauck, another of Will and Yu Lee's close friends.  Ryan is one of the original members of the SDH.

Greg Thoreson

Greg was one of Will's roommates in Dallas.  He is responsible for introducing Will to Yu Lee (whom he graduated high school with in Rockwall,TX).  Greg is currently a Urology resident at UT-Southwestern and is known for his disgusting mustache during "Movember."

Ben Smith

Ben is one of Will's roommates in Dallas.  He is currently an OB-GYN resident at UT-Southwestern and in Yu Lee's class.  Ben is a die-hard Georgia football fan and can be found most Saturdays throwing objects at the television cursing Mike Bobo.


Michael Israel

Michael is one of Will's fraternity brothers and medical school classmates.  He is currently a Family Medicine resident in Linicoln, Nebraska.  Michael currently officiates many of the biggest weddings worldwide and is rumored to be on the shortlist for the next Royal wedding in England.

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